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Concrete Pump Service
We have five line pumps for rent. An operator and laborer are sent out with all our concrete pump rentals to run the pump and hose and for cleanup making your job cleaner and easier.
Acid Staining
Acid staining, often referred to as colored concrete, can be applied to any concrete patio, slab or walkway to change the surface color. Results are only limited by the imagination.
Concrete overlay can be applied to any concrete slab old or new to change the color or appearance. Concrete overlay can hide cosmetic defects such modeling (cloudiness or unevenness in color), cracking or chipping. Finishes include Stamp, Salt Desert Deck, and Broom. A popular use of overlay is on garage slab resurfacing.
Cleaning and Sealing
Cleaning with an acid or pressure wash and finishing with a seal cleans old existing concrete and gives all concrete a new clean look. This process also gives concrete colors and finishes longer life and keeps all concrete more consistent and uniform.
Counter Tops
Counter Tops is a new and exciting service we provide.
Crack and Chip Repair*
We use a highly effective method to make the appearance of those unsightly cracks and chips disappear. (Free estimates are not avaiable for this service.)
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